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Canada Immigration AINP (Alberta Immigration Nominee Program)

Alberta Provincial Nomination Program
Alberta is a western province in Canada. In terms of population it has approximately 4.15 million making it the fourth most populated province in Canada. Alberta’s economy is one of the best in in Canada in previous 10 years. Alberta has no provincial sales tax, lowest gas tax in Canada and some of the lowest property taxes in the country, giving all the reasons for a skilled immigrant to live in the province. Province is very rich in natural resources also as it has 60% Canada’s crude oil reserves. Having all this resourcefulness and economic growth means there is much requirement for skilled immigrants in the province. Easiest way to immigrate to Alberta is via Express Entry Program.

Alberta Express Entry
The most common and easiest way to get a permanent residence in the province is via the Alberta Immigrant Nomination Program(AINP). AINP is in collaboration with Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) and Alberta’s government for finding out the skilled immigrants who can enter the Alberta economy and can will help in developing the province.

There are two ways a candidate can acquire an Alberta PNP nomination certificate. There are two ways to apply for permanent residence, firstly is directly contacting the province (Immigration Alberta) via provincial nomination outside express entry. If given the nomination, candidate can create express profile and Alberta nomination to their profile.

Second way is via applying through express entry program. After creating your profile, candidates can express their interest in the Alberta provincial nomination. If Alberta PNP contacts the candidates and invites him or her to formally invite to apply for the permanent residence, then applicant can transfer the Alberta provincial nomination certificate to his or her express profile and can instantly get 600 points in CRS increasing chances definitely for getting the ITA in next draw. Express entry speeds up the Alberta immigration process significantly, with most applicants being processed in less than in 6 months. Visa Destination can help candidates apply directly to Alberta Provincial Nominee Program, and if nominated we can prepare and submit your application for Canadian Permanent Residence Program.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program(APNP)
Both skilled and semi-skilled immigrants can apply through this program for permanent residency in the province. Applying through this program have benefits main one of them is that it is the fastest way to get a permanent residence visa. Those candidates can also apply that have employer support or not. Program is mainly divided in following categories:

Strategic Recruitment Stream
This category is for those immigrants that wants to live and work in Alberta province on permanent residency but do not have any job offers or assistance from the province employers. There are also sub-categories that will help in finding individuals eligibility criteria:

1. Compulsory and Optional Trades Category
This category is for those candidates that are currently residing in the province and having a valid work permit if they hold an Alberta Qualified Certificate or Recognised Trade Certificate. Eligibility criteria to apply under this category is as follows:

• Candidate should have intention to live and work in the province.
• Should hold an Alberta Qualified Certificate or Recognised Trade Certificate
• Living in Alberta and having a valid work permit
• Have to prove at the time of application that they are currently working for an Alberta employer for 6 months in the last 3 years.

2. Engineering Occupations Category
Engineers, drafters and designers can apply through this category if they have work experience of working in the province and their job should fall under one of 12 designated jobs in AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering List. Eligibility to apply in this program is as follows:

• Intention to live and work in the province.
• Have work experience as engineer, designer or drafter.
• Proof that they have work or have 2 year of work experience for an Alberta employer.
• Qualified professionals in the following fields: Engineering managers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers and Drafting Technologists and technicians; must provide a “Letter of No Objection” from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) to indicate that they are current members.

3. Post Graduate Worker Category
Candidate that have graduated from an eligible Canadian post-secondary educational institution in Alberta and who are working in the province on a valid work permit can apply for this program. Eligibility criteria for this program is as follows:

• Candidate must have intention to live in Alberta full-time.
• Should be permanently living in the province for an employer.
• Should have a valid post-graduate work permit.
• Should have NOC level o, A, B or C job.
• NOC level C applicant should have taken a Language Proficiency Test.

Employer Driven Stream
This stream allows employers to nominate for Alberta Immigration Nomination Program. Having this category allows employers to hold on to the workers that are settled into the business and knows how that works. This stream consists of following sub categories:

1. Skilled Worker Category:
There is requirement for both employers and applicant need to be fulfilled for applying under this category. Requirements for employers are as following:

• Must be a registered and incorporated employer in Canada and business must be in the province.
• Job offer should meet the provincial employment standards.
• Job offered must be classes as NOC level A or B.
• Job offer must get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Requirement to be met by applicant must be as follows:
• Must have intention to live and work in Alberta permanently.
• Should have appropriate training, certification and education needed to perform the job.
• If residing in the province, should have a valid work permit.
• Should be able to prove legal status if living abroad.

2. International Graduate Category:
This category is for graduates who studied at an eligible Canadian University or post-secondary education institute and has been offered a full-time, permanent job by an employer located in the province. Both employee and employer have to pass certain requirements in order for them to both be judged as eligible for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program. Requirements needed to be matched by employer is as follows:

• Must be a registered and incorporated employer in Canada and business must be in the province.
• Job offer should meet the provincial employment standards.
• Job offered must be classes as NOC level o,A or B.
• Salary must be competitive and equal to industry standards.

Requirements needed to met by applicant are as follows:
• Must have intention to live in the province.
• Must be working for the same employer who is nominating them for the program.
• Applicant must have graduated with a degree, certificate or diploma from a college within Canada or Alberta.
• Must have valid Post graduate work permit.
• Language proficiency must proven by submitting test scores for jon of NOC level C job.

3. Semi-skilled Worker Category:
In order to apply under this category applicant must have received a full-time permanent job offer from employer based in the province. Requirement that are needed to be met by the employers are as follows:

• Business must be based in the province and should be registered and incorporated in Canada.
• Business must makes up one of the 5 industries that are viable and eligible under this category.
• Job offered must meet the provincial wage and employment standards.
• Positive LMA for the job position offered.
• Valid settlement plan and retention plan for the applicant.

Requirements needed to meet by the applicant are as follows:
• Should have a valid work permit and must be currently employed in one of the eligible occupation in Alberta.
• High school equivalent education.
• Language proficiency test results.

Self-employed Farmers Stream
This was created for individuals who show an interest in buying land in Alberta for development into farming land and practices. Not just their intentions but also their monetary net worth needs to be proven to be considered eligible for this PNP Alberta category. Requirement that are needed to be met by the applicant are as follows:

• Demonstrate the ability to successfully run and manage a farm by submitting successful income slips from previous endeavors, proof of relevant agricultural qualifications, training or education, the viable business plan for a farm in Alberta and proof that a Canadian financial institution will cover their plan.
• Net-worth and Sufficient funds must be proved by showing the ability to invest $500,000 into a primary production farming company in Alberta, confirmation of a minimum net worth of $500.000
• Prove their intentions to invest in primary production farming in Alberta by submitting a viable investment and business plan to Immigration Alberta
Applicants for this stream must also demonstrate that they pass the minimum language proficiency requirements needed for this category. IELTS General Test (English), CELPIP (English), or TEF (French) tests can be taken and the test results submitted along with the application for the Self Employed Farmers Stream in the AINP 2018.

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