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Canada Immigration BCPNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program)

British Columbia PNP Program 2018

British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada, located between the Rocky mountains and Atlantic ocean. With population of 4.8 million as of 2017, province is the Canada’s third most populous province and the population density of the area is higher than the national average. British Columbia is also one of the most diverse province with more than 35,000 immigrants welcomed each year into the province. Vancouver is the main hub in the province being consistently named as one of the most livable cities in the world. Easiest way to get permanent residence in British columbia is through the new Canada’s Express Entry Program (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program).

Basically there are three categories under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and they are as follows:

• Express Entry British Columbia
• Skilled Worker Program
• Entrepreneur Program

Both Skilled worker and Entrepreneur program are further divided into different subcategories. Skilled immigrants in healthcare sector, or have graduated from a university or college in British Columbia, can apply through the program. Other who have received a full-time job offer in the province will need to register under the PNP British Columbia Skills Immigration Registration System(SIRS).

1. British Columbia Express Entry

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program provides a way to eligible immigrants to apply for the permanent residence in the province. Immigrants that are highly skilled and are interested in living in province and also can bring development to the province are nominated for the permanent residency.There are two ways to apply for permanent residence, firstly is directly contacting the province(Immigration British Columbia) via provincial nomination outside express entry. If given the nomination, candidate can create express profile and British Columbia nomination to their profile.

Second way is via applying through express entry program. After creating your profile, candidates can express their interest in the British Columbia provincial nomination. If British Columbia PNP contacts the candidates and invites him or her to formally invite to apply for the permanent residence, then applicant can transfer the British Columbia provincial nomination certificate to his or her express profile and can instantly get 600 points in CRS increasing chances definitely for getting the ITA in next draw. Express entry speeds up the British Columbia immigration process significantly, with most applicants being processed in less than in 6 months. Visa Destination can help candidates apply directly to British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, and if nominated we can prepare and submit your application for Canadian Permanent Residence Program.

2. Skilled Immigration worker program

Program is one of the most common program for the immigration. Approximately 1,350 skilled workers are nominated each year. There are sub categories and they are as follows:

Skilled Worker Category: Candidates who have received valid/legitimate job offer for skilled employment can apply under this category. They must have years of work experience in a skilled employment field. There are some requirements that are need to be met by the applicant and they are as follows:

• Must have employment in a skilled occupation categorised under NOC level o,A or B.
• If the occupation gives certification to employee than the applicant must prove that they have reached that level of certification.
• Necessary to prove that individual can pay for living expenses and housing in the province.

There are also some requirements for the employer to fulfill and those are as follow:

• Business must be based in the province.
• There must be permanent full-time employees working in the business.
• Must show high standards of practice.
• Minimum of 30 hours will be worked in the job that will be full-time and permanent.
• Relevant bargaining agreements must be provided.

Health Care Professional Category: Candidates applying under this category must have an eligible offer and several years of experience in health sector as nurses, physicians and psychiatric nurses. Now, each of these have their own requirements and they are as follows:

Physicians or Specialists:

• Needs to be supported by one of the five regional health authorities in British Columbia or Provincial Health Services Authority.
• Needs a letter showing a positive assessment from the leading physician at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in British Columbia.
Registered Nurses:
• Must have proof of Full-time position at one of British Columbia’s five regional health services or Provincial Health Services Authority.
• Needs to be registered with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses in British Columbia or the College of Registered Nurses in British Columbia.

Allied Health Professionals:

• Must have a full-time employment offer at one of British Columbia five regional health services or Provincial Health Services Authority.
• Must be a member of regional governing body that determines the licensing and regulates the individual’s health care profession.

International Post-Graduate, British Columbia Degree Category: This category is for foreigners who have graduated with a master or degree within British Columbia. Following requirements must be met by the applicant in order to eligible:

• Candidate must have obtained either a post-graduate or graduate degree from a university or college in Canada.
• Application must be submitted within 2 years of finishing the education.
• Diploma wouldn’t be counted if more than a quarter is done as internship.

Some additional requirements are also to be met:

• Employment offers must be of NOC level o,A or B and if the job offer is of NOC level C or D, proof must be given that they work up for level o,A or B jobs.
• Candidate must meet all level of certification and training needed for the job.
• Employer cannot take off any pay for immigration fees or recruitment.
• Applicant hired on the Labor Market Opinion should be receiving more than LMO standard.

International Graduate Canadian Degree Category: Category is for international student that have graduated from a legitimate Canadian institution in the last two years. In order to apply under this category, applicant must be graduated from any of following study fields:

• Agriculture
• Biological and Biomedical Science.
• Computer and information science and support services.
• Engineering and Engineering technology.
• Health Professionals and other applied health services.
• Natural Resources Conservation and Resources.
• Physical Sciences.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker category: Candidates who wish to apply for certain semi-skilled or entry level profession in tourism/hospitality, food processing and long haul trucking should apply under this category. Applicants must be one of the following in order to be able to apply in this category:

• Living in British Columbia.
• Should be working in a particular niche job within the tourism/hospitality industry, long-haul trucking or food processing industry.
• Working in a NOC C or D level in North-eastern Development Region of British Columbia.

Applicants must also need to meet eligibility criteria:

• Must be employed in a permanent role, and must have been so far at least 9 months prior to the PNP application submission.

• Full-time work must be sustained during the application process.
• Employer cannot take off any wages for recruitment or immigration.
• Salary must be market-based and competitive.
• Proof of at least 12 years of schooling and the relevant certificates must be provided.
• Language proficiency must be of CLB level 4.

3. Entrepreneur Program
There are sub-categories in this stream and they are as follows:
British Columbia PNP Entrepreneur Category:

To be eligible for this sub-category, there are some requirements that are need to be met and they are as follows:

• Must have proof of experience as a business manager or owner.
• Must provide a business proposal that will prove economic benefits to British Columbia.
• Must show that they have the finance available to invest in a business.
• A minimum investment of 200,000 dollars must be made to set up the business in the province.
• Candidate must own at least one-third of equity or shares in the business.
• At least one full-time job must be made for either Canadian citizens or permanent residence.
British Columbia PNP Regional Entrepreneur Category:
This category excludes immigration to Toronto otherwise all cities are covered in this category. Requirements to be met under this category are as follows:
• Applicant should have experience as a business manager or owner
• Provide a business plan which will benefit the BC economy
• Proof of financial investment viability, namely a net worth of $600,000
• Invest at least $200,000 in creating, buying or expanding a BC company (outside Vancouver or Abbotsford)
• Hold at least one-third of the shares in the business
• A performance agreement contract with the provincial government should be signed
• Create at least one employment opportunity for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• Be involved in the daily running and management of the company

British Columbia PNP Strategic Projects Category:

Foreign companies that wish to establish a branch in British Columbia need to take five key employees member with them. Applicants under this 2018 British Columbia PNP category must meet the following requirements.

• Provide evidence to show successful and legitimate business practice outside Canada
• Prove that their five staff members are key to the running of the business
• Sign a Performance Agreement with the provincial government
• Invest a minimum of $500,000 in starting or expanding the business
• Make three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for every essential staff member
• Create, buy or expand a company that is already incorporated/federally incorporated and registered extra-provincially in British Columbia.

British Columbia Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)
The British Columbia SIRS is a brand new points-based “Expression of Interest” immigration management system that allows candidates to formally express an interest in the British Columbia PNP. SIRS then allows the Province of British Columbia to select the most promising prospective immigrants in an efficient manner based upon the British Columbia PNP score they receive. The highest scoring candidates will then receive an invitation to apply to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. Candidates who create a profile with British Columbia PNP Online are scored under a variety of factors. SIRS scoring is based on economic factors, human capital factors, the annual salary of the job offer, the region of the province the employment is in, and the skill level of the employment. Candidates who register are kept in the British Columbia PNP pool for 12 months and have 30 days to apply for British Columbia immigration if they receive an invitation to apply from the program. British Columbia PNP draws happen frequently, so it is important to keep your profile up to date to ensure the highest score possible.

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