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Canada Immigration Saskatchewan (SINP) Program

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program 2020 from India

Saskatchewan is resource-full province with oil, minerals, natural gas and potash in abundance located in very centre of Canada. Rich in these minerals, Saskatchewan has booming economy creating number of jobs for which increases the need for skillful immigrants. Fastest way for to get permanent residence in Saskatchewan is through Saskatchewan Immigration through express entry program. But there is a specific criterion for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program 2020 from India.


Express Entry For Saskatchewan Immigration:

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP) allows people who have precise skills to live in province and also helps people live in or working in Saskatchewan, or investing in province or owning a business a easy way to apply for permanent resident visa. Saskatchewan Immigration gives a easy way for the qualified people to apply for Canadian Citizenship by directly contacting the Canadian government and save them the hassle for going through the way conventional way.

There are two ways to apply for permanent residence, firstly is directly contacting the province (Saskatchewan Immigration) via provincial nomination outside express entry. If given the nomination, candidate can create express profile and Saskatchewan Immigration nomination to their profile.

Second way is via applying through express entry program. After creating your profile, candidates can express their interest in the Saskatchewan Immigration provincial nomination. If Saskatchewan Immigration PNP contacts the candidates and invites him or her to formally invite to apply for the permanent residence, then applicant can transfer the Saskatchewan Immigration provincial nomination certificate to his or her express profile and can instantly get 600 points in CRS increasing chances definitely for getting the ITA in next draw. Express entry speeds up the Saskatchewan Immigration process significantly, with most applicants being processed in less than in 6 months.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee program has following three types for the people who want to live in and work in province:

International Skilled Worker Category:

For potential candidates having education, skilled work experience that makes them well suited to live in the province. If you have received job offer from a company in Saskatchewan or have been accepted as part of Citizenship & Immigration Canada express entry pool this program is for you. There are 3 sub categories in this program:

1. Employment Offer Sub-Category: If you have received a job offer from the company in Saskatchewan, then you have to fulfill the following criterias to apply through this program:
• Must have at least 1 year of experience in your occupation in last 10 years.
• A minimum Of CLB level 4.
• Must score 60 out of 100 on the SINP grid shown below.
• Proof of license eligibility under appropriate Saskatchewan regulatory body.
• Must provide a valid Saskatchewan Nominee Program Job Approval Letter proving that you have been offered a permanent full-time job in the province.

Point Assessment Grid:
• Connection to Saskatchewan and adaptability: 30 points maximum.
• Education and training: 23 points maximum.
• Work experience: 15 points maximum.
• Age: 12 points maximum.
• Language Ability: 20 points maximum

2. Occupations In-Demand Stream: These category is for those potential immigrants that have high skills that are in-demand but do not have a job offer from the province. For applying through this stream following conditions must be met:
• Must have one or more-year experience in past 10 years in the occupation that is considered “in-demand” by immigration Saskatchewan.
• Must have CLB level 4 or greater.
• Must have Saskatchewan Nominee Program points score 60 or more.
• Must have completed at least 12 months of training or post-secondary education that resulted in a degree that is equivalent or comparison to Canadian education.
• Must have sufficient settlement funds.
• If occupation is regulated in Saskatchewan and require mandatory licensing, you must provide proof of eligibility under the local regulatory body.

3. Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream: This category is for those potential immigrants that are skilled workers that are in candidate pool of Citizenship & Immigration Canada(CIC) express entry system. Conditions to be met for this category are as follows:
• Must be accepted into the CIC express entry pool and have a profile number as well as a job seeker validation code.
• Must have completed education or training at a post-secondary level for at least one year that leads to diploma or degree.
• Must have scored 60 points or more in Saskatchewan Nomination Program.
• Must prove the language level declared in your express profile by a valid language proficiency test.
• Must have sufficient settlement funds and realistic settlement plans as determined by Immigration Saskatchewan.
• Must have an acceptable level of work experience in your field.

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